invest in Spain

Why invest in Spain? If you are a multinational company or a company from Europe, Latin America, Africa, the United States or Oceania and you want to invest in Spain, this is the article for you. To begin with, Glowden Agency explains that Spain has an open and competitive economy with great business opportunities.

4 reasons to invest in Spain

  • Spain is one of the safest countries in the world due to its low crime rate, which is comforting to know that at all times your team will feel safe wherever they go.
  • It is the fourth largest economy in the European Union and the 14th largest in the world.
  • It has more than 47 million inhabitants, enough for them to see who you are. So start with a good marketing strategy.
  • Spain is a bridge to both EU and Latin American markets.

What are the best sectors to invest in Spain?

  • Energy: the hours of heat that Spain records throughout the year make it one of the countries that is most committed to renewable energies, so if your company is related to this sector, it is key.
  • Real estate sector: especially in the Costa del Sol, located in the south of the country, where there are large real estate agencies adapted to the Nordic, German, English and Russian public.
  • Automotive: its large car factories spread throughout the country make Spain a major supplier of spare parts and vehicles for both import and export.
  • Agriculture: Spain is rich in arable land, especially in the south, where olive trees predominate for the production of extra virgin olive oil, fruit, vegetables, etc.

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